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Harbour Resort Domburg

Excellent opportunity to stay with your boat in Suriname at very reasonable rates. Harbour Resort Domburg was founded in the second half of 2013. The location is very attractive, namely in the center of Domburg directly on the famous "WATERFRONT DOMBURG".
Domburg is a special place in Suriname, filled with memories of earlier times. Details can be found in the buildings and the majestic centuries old mahogany trees on the Waterfront. The unique location of the Resort allows you to communicate with the friendly locals and gain insight into the ethnic totally different population of Suriname directly.

There are 8 moorings and good floating pontoon with efficient walkway that will take you ashore. From there it is 40 meters to the washroom and to the clubhouse and restaurant. The entire site is monitored and the staff lives on the property with direct supervision of the moored dinghies and boats on the river.

In the near future, the owners plan to invest further in the harbor and the resort to give sailors and visitors an even better service.

The location of Harbour Resort Domburg near the center offers the following items within a circle of 300 meters:

  • 3 supermarkets with fresh produce daily
  • cash machine
  • Police Station Post Domburg
  • physician and polyclinic
  • diesel and gasoline service
  • taxis
  • several churches
  • repair options for engines and equipment
  • cyber shop with administrative facilities

Since March 2016, the government of Suriname is working on the construction of a new bank protection at the Domburg square and the Harbor Resort Domburg.
Due to this work, the Dinghy pontoon has been moved to the square and a wall has been placed along the bank. Once the work is completed, the Dinghy pontoon is replaced and the terrace of our Restaurant "River Breeze" is raised, so that the view of the river is at its maximum.

Meanwhile, the Dinghy pontoon is back in the water. Work on and around the site will be completed in the coming months.

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