Marina Suriname


Domburg is located on the main road, Sir Winston Churchill, from Paramaribo to Paranam. This road runs almost anywhere alongside the Suriname River. Domburg was in colonial times an important place in Suriname.
The place is now known by the swimming marathons held in the Suriname River twice a year. From Domburg there is frequent traffic through pirokken (wooden feries) to Laarwijk across the river, 2 km to the south. Laarwijk, located in the district Commenwijne, was once known for its many plantations where coffee, cocoa and oranges were grown.
Especially on Sundays and other holidays Domburg is a tourist attraction, many families come to the Waterfront to spend their day, lounging and eating at the many warungs (eating houses) and visit the market.



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