Domburg clubhouse and dinghy dockSince our arrival in Suriname two weeks ago we have been enjoying the facilities of the newly constructed "Harbour Resort Domburg". We are on a mooring directly in front of the open air clubhouse and dinghy dock with pleasant views from our cockpit of the local ferry pier traffic and barges of logs, dirt and construction equipment that is constantly shuttled up and down the river. Bauxite ore gets transported up river to the smelter while construction aggregate is hauled down stream to new projects around Paramaribo.

Parbo story timeThe marina operates 12 moorings with plenty of room to anchor as well. Due to the tidal nature of the river most people choose to moor to avoid dragging anchor in the sometimes strong tidal/river current (up to 5 knots). The harbour resort has good basic facilities such as a covered open air pavilion/clubhouse, shower and toilet facilities and secure parking for those who have rented cars for shore based excursions. There is even reasonable Wi-Fi internet available but it can get overloaded at peak times. Most evenings at sunset everyone gathers at the clubhouse to enjoy an ice cold Parbo beer and swap stories of sailing experiences from around the world. The place is not exactly a "resort" but it certainly is a comfortable marina and everything is brand new - it opened for business in November, 2013.

Domburg corner storeLocal ferry trafficThe moorings cost 8.50 Euro per day for the first week and then drop to 7.50 and ultimately 6.50 per day for subsequent weeks. Everything is included at these prices, there are no extra costs unless you want your laundry washed and dried - that is 50 SRD (Suriname dollars). The small village of Domburg is right outside the marina gate and offers some services: diesel and gas can be purchased, small grocery stores supply basic foods, there is a nearby veggie market and every weekend food concession stands open for delicious takeout. Just like the Jacare Marina Village in Cabadelo Bazil was popular with the French sailors, Domburg is a favourite place for Dutch sailors to hang out, although the latter is a little more understandable given the strong ties Suriname has to Holland. Of the 12 moorings here, six are occupied by boats from the Netherlands with the remainder being held by a French boat, a Swiss boat, a Kiwi couple, two boats from the UK and of course the Canadian boat.

Another new marina has opened recently a few miles further upstream. We haven't visited it but others have described the grounds as being very nice with good services available at pontoon style docks. We have everything we need right here at the Harbour Resort Domburg so don't see any need to check out the other facilities.

Geoff and Linda, SV Curare